ɴᴏ ʟɪᴍɪᴛᴇ 21/06/2022 Capitulo 15

Envie filmes para seus amigos.



    In all seasons, at the beginning of the season finale the Final Four are treated to a small food reward (a hearty breakfast or similar meal) for making it this far. In season 1, the second-to-last immunity challenge divided the players in two teams. The winning team advanced for the finals, while the losing team was automatically eliminated. In season 2, the four remaining players competed in the second-to-last immunity challenge, which was an endurance challenge. At the Tribal Council, only the winning player secured his spot on the Final Two. The tribemates voted one person out of their tribe and later a special jury (made by the last four eliminated players before the final four) voted the second person out. In season 3, the semi-finals follows the same rules from season 1. However, the last six eliminated players before the Final Two returned to compete in a special challenge. The winning player returned to the game as the third and final member of the Final Three. Finals