A Usurpadora Capitulo 1

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    Paola Miranda, the First Lady of Mexico, is in an unhappy marriage to Carlos, the President. At the outset of the show, she discovers that she is adopted and has a twin sister; though she resents the twin she believes made their mother disown her, Paola sees an opportunity to escape her life, and seeks her out. Paola plots to pull a Prince and the Pauper switch with her newfound twin, Paulina Doria, to stand in as First Lady on Independence Day, and then kill her. With her identity (and the twin she despises) dead, Paola could run away with her lover Gonzalo. Paulina is based in the capital of Colombia, Bogotá, running an orphanage and tending to her aging mother, Olga. She is mysteriously offered large donations from a Mexican benefactor to trick her into traveling there. She is kidnapped by Paola, who threatens to murder Olga to blackmail Paulina into assuming her identity for two weeks. Paulina accepts the role and becomes the "usurpadora", moving into Los Pinos, the presidential palace. During the Independence celebrations, Paulina is shot. However, not only does she live, but the National Intelligence Center opens an investigation into the shooting, thinking that the President was the real target. The President himself also hires a private detective, the former agent Facundo Nava, to investigate. Paola has already run away with Gonzalo to Bora Bora; she is still not satisfied and kills him there, returning to Mexico City to cover her tracks.